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Valéry Fradkov, LCSW, Sc.D.

Intellectual giftedness – is it a blessing or curse? People with high intellectual abilities have a distinct set of psychological issues, including isolation, peer disapproval, social pressures to conform, perceived lack of demand for their exceptional intellectual abilities, and many more. Dr. Fradkov specializes in working with highly intelligent people who need professional psychological guidance from a conversational partner in the same intellectual league.

Dr. Fradkov is an experienced clinically licensed psychotherapist with expertise in many areas beyond psychology and counseling. In addition to his MSW degree in clinical psychology, he has Ph.D. in physics and mathematics. Dr. Fradkov taught physics, chemistry, and materials science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; worked as a researcher at NASA; and provided quantitative financial modeling and consulting for Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and other Wall Street institutions.

Dr. Fradkov's clients live all over the world and many of them are employed by academia, high-tech, finance, medicine, and law. Dr. Fradkov also works with gifted high school and college students.

Video meetings over Skype and other teleconference systems.
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Call (201) 497-0289 or email at solutions@fradkov.com to schedule your first session.